AIDS, TB And Malaria: Coronavirus Threatens The Endgame

The coronavirus pandemic has just made it incredibility difficult to script an endgame for the “Big Three” killer epidemics. But global leaders and agencies dedicated to AIDS, TB, and Malaria are gearing up to stem the tide.

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This is such a brilliant piece and thank you for sharing! I completely agree with what you had presented. There have been many HIV organizations that have been rightfully outspoken and have advocated for a comprehensive COVID-19 response with explicit action items to address the unique needs of the HIV community. Read more here: ( Just from my own communities ties, there has been much indication of government mistrust within the HIV community in the US. I fear the current model for the public health COVID-19 response will further disparage populations that have been historically and presently marginalized. Already COVID-19 has exposed the flaws of the system - especially in the US, to which much of the population was well aware of.

Recently, I just noticed the WHO had released a statement to encourage providers to maintain TB services, but I would argue that maintaining isn’t enough and that there needs to be a stronger emphasis with explicit efforts targeted towards the TB, HIV, and Malaria community. Speaking within the US context, I truly hope that this will facilitate systemwide change, increase the visibility for those disproportionately impacted in public health efforts, and finally strengthen the public health infrastructure moving forward. Maybe I’m aspirational, but I will continue to advocate for change.