Digital diagnosis for future studies

As the world is increasingly going digital, it is alarming how the rate of diagnosis is slowly fighting to keep up with this fast-growing digital world. I recently read a blog by @madhukar.pai about his dream TB clinic and from this, I pictured a developing nation with fewer resources to support a digitized diagnosis system versus a well-established nation with all the resources and funding to do the same. I couldn’t fully come into terms with the real picture about what less developed countries/nations have to go through to make diagnosis work especially with the burden they face when it comes to infectious diseases. My next thoughts were, what needs to be done to bridge this huge gap to help less developed nations have a taste of digital diagnostic techniques and technologies to aid in medical diagnosis, research, and more…my list was endless. In the past week, I published a review article focused on the droplet digital PCR applications in the tuberculosis world From this review, it was interesting to notice only a few publications exist about the use of this technology in TB diagnosis despite its numerous advantages over qPCR. My perspective was due to the high costs, fewer countries can afford the technology but it will only take a matter of time before digital PCR becomes a standard diagnostic technique to replace the old fashioned molecular techniques. Only such advancements will help us keep in touch with the digitizing world.