Public consultation for the Target Product Profile TB diagnostic tests for peripheral settings

To inform research and development priorities for tuberculosis (TB) diagnostics and address unmet needs, the World Health Organization (WHO) is in the process of updating high-priority target product profiles (TPPs) for TB diagnostics. TPPs provide detailed technical specifications that are important to end-users (e.g. a test’s required performance) and operational characteristics to inform product manufacturers. Due to continuous developments in a TB diagnostic and treatment domains, there is ongoing need to regularly update TPPs in order to adapt them to an evolving context of a global TB control needs. Current update focuses on the TB diagnostic tests for peripheral settings.

WHO is seeking feedback on the draft TPP from experts in the scientific community, national TB programme personnel, clinicians, funders, implementers, patient and community representatives involved in the management and control of TB as well as industry and product developers.

Please access the TPP parameters and data form here and provide your comments and suggestions by 31st August 2023. Your input will be essential to facilitate the process of research and development (R&D) priorities for TB diagnostics and to help WHO to make a rapid and accurate TB test a reality for everyone who needs it. Proposed revisions arising from the public consultation will be considered before it is finalized.