Call for Proposals: Accelerating tools to drive tuberculosis (TB) detection

Unitaid is pleased to announce a new Call for Proposals on the area for intervention: Accelerating tools to drive tuberculosis (TB) detection.

The objective of this call for proposals is to enable the optimal adaptation, introduction and placement of effective, affordable and quality-assured innovative diagnostic solutions for TB detection that consider the integration, complementarity, and fit within the current diagnostic context in high burden countries and the linkages to care in response to the needs of affected communities.

For the purpose of this call, diagnostic solutions refer to diagnostic and detection devices and platforms which could include multi-disease testing platforms, digital technologies used for contact tracing and diagnosis, CAD-enabled technology, and sample collection tools and handling. In addition, solutions with demonstrated innovation and impact in response to COVID-19 or other relevant disease areas are included. Any solution proposed should have superior performance compared to currently available tools and/or enable TB detection at the point of care.