Trial network to support diagnostics developers

Diagnostic developers join us: Newly launched Rapid Research in Diagnostics Development for TB Network (R2D2 TB Network) funded by the NIH to support diagnostic developers in evaluating innovative solutions for Tuberculosis diagnosis
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R2D2 is a joint initiative of UCSF (Adithya Cattamanchi and Payam Nahid and UKHD (Claudia Denkinger) together with experienced clinical trial partners in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and South America with extensive TB and respiratory disease expertise.

Diagnostic developers (in industry, academia or philanthropically) with technologies at any stage of development can take advantage of the R2D2 TB Network and associated resources at no cost. We also assess multi-pathogen assays that include diagnosis/triage capabilities for TB.

If you have innovative ideas on COVID, think about how we can apply them to TB (e.g. innovative swab sampling, breath testing, highly sensitive detection methods), digital solutions… R2D2 can help you to evaluate it with our partners in 10 countries with high TB burden.

The R2D2 enables rapid, iterative inclusion and evaluation of early/late prototypes and large-scale validation studies (risk groups, children & adults). Standardized feedback on usability and acceptability from end-users. State-of-the-art economic analysis & transmission modeling.

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