Creating An Online Community

I migrated here from GHD online community.
Between July and December 2018, I was busy looking for a solution that makes booking/scheduling of scans better and easier. I work an live in a developing country as a Nuclear Medicine Specialist. For a long time, My centre was the only place where patients could get a nuclear medicine scan. For a country of 160 million, it gets really inefficient trying to schedule scans via telephone. On several occasions we forgot to schedule patients and other times patients forgot their appointments.
Anyway, on Dec 8, I got an email about the GHD online community going static. It suddenly occurred to me that I could start an online community too! Where would I start? Should I contact Harvard or prof? How would my community operate, patients or professionals only, or both? Then I joined GHDx. I love the outlay and the ease of use. It may not be so easy for certain phone literate but illiterate populations (there are 48 million phone users in my country).
I think creating an online community will be a good place to begin. How much will it cost to maintain one? What tips/pearls/ideas can you share?

Hi, I just joined this community and not sure if you are still looking for an answer to your original question, but there are a variety of free scheduling tools (most offer “pro features” but perhaps you can work around them to avoid cost) that you could use and embed in very simple web sites for wider access. If you search online they sometimes go under the banner of “Appointment scheduling software”, or “Online Booking Calendar software” Several of them also have options for SMS reminders that may be helpful to you and your community. Hope this helps for part of your query!