CRISPR Diagnostics

CRISPR-Cas9 is best known for its powerful ability to make double-stranded breaks in DNA, allowing scientists to delete and edit genes with relative ease. But switch out Cas9 for another protein, and CRISPR becomes a programmable tool for detecting the presence of certain nucleic acid sequences.

This feature has startups eyeing the CRISPR toolbox for its use as a next-generation molecular diagnostic test, one that could be customized to virtually any disease, infection, or mutation and be administered at home, at the point of care or, in the event of a disease outbreak, to get a quick readout to allow faster response.

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While CRISPR is exciting, it is wise to consider the benefits (if any) afforded by diagnostic application of this novel and complicated technology over existing technologies such as SpeeDx’s PlexZymes or standard PCR.

I agree, but at times necessity outweighs cost. How will the tests become affordable in future if they won’t be routinely used. I believe with more applications, the costs reduce, and the more affordable the tests become. Its my general opinion