FluoroType MTBDR VER 2.0 available in Stop TB Partnership's GDF catalog

The WHO-recommended FluoroType® MTBDR VER 2.0 (Hain Lifescience GmbH – a Bruker company, Germany) assay and instruments are now available for procurement from Stop TB Partnership’s Global Drug Facility (GDF).

The FluoroType® MTBDR assay is an automated real-time PCR nucleic acid amplification test based on the unique LiquidArray® technology. It is able to detect MTBC and differentiate up to 45 mutations in genes associated with resistance to rifampicin as well as isoniazid in one PCR reaction - leading to same-day sequencing-like results. The FluoroType® assay runs on the FluoroCycler® XT instrument, and the optional GenoXtract® instrument may be used to automate the DNA extraction steps. Please refer to the GLI/WHO Information sheet on FluoroType as well as the GLI/WHO Manual for the selection of molecular WHO-recommended rapid diagnostic tests for more information about use of FluoroType® MTBDR.

The total cost for reagents per person tested with FluoroType ® MTBDR is 8.99 euros (9.06 euros including consumables) when using a manual DNA extraction workflow or 13.05 euros (13.12 euros including consumables) when using an automated DNA extraction workflow.

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