Know Your Rights: Tuberculosis Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment Guide

Please see this link for a complete guide that explains what global standards are for TB prevention, treatment, and care, so people can know what services they have the right to receive. This guide has been divided into four sections that cover:

a. Your human rights and TB
b. Your rights and TB prevention
c. Your rights when it comes to TB diagnosis
d. Your rights and getting TB treatment

Also, these guides are available in different languages such as Hindi, Spanish, French, Swahili, Arabic etc. for easy access and understanding.

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Dear Mikashmi, thank you for sharing! This looks like a great resource. Do you know if there will be any other dissemination activities related to this? For example, webinars or blogs? We’d be happy to consider cross-posting from the LeaderNet resources library.


Thanks Luis for your interest in this resource! TAG does not currently have plans to disseminate via webinars or blogs, but all our resources are open access for non-commercial use and we welcome others using them as they see fit.