Technical Guide on COVID-19 testing using GeneXpert

Dear All,

I am sharing with you the guidance document we have developed for the utilization of GeneXpert platform for COVID-19 testing in the Philippines. We initially provided this guide to the Philippine government including the Department of Health and relevant stakeholders with the goal of helping them in their decision making, implementation, and future plans for COVID-19 response.

As such, as we share the document with the GHDx community we hope that everyone around the world can benefit from this product. Though this is made for the Philippine context, the concepts of laboratory systems and the issues & questions raised can be similar in your areas.

All the best and God bless, everyone.

Bayot ML_Sanchez RS_COVID-19 testing using GeneXpert_1st Edition.pdf (587.8 KB)

-Marlon “Coach”

Very impressive and quick. Nice work, Marlon!

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