Upending the model of AI adoption

“Why is the model of AI adoption being upended? In high-income countries, such as the USA, the business case for AI is predicated on commercial, profit-driven models, in which vendors must show that AI will increase the bottom line or reduce health-care costs. In some low-income and middle-income settings where public and philanthropic funding is involved, adoption of AI is typically based on medical need not financial return. Usually, innovations such as computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging flow from high-income countries to LMICs. But radiology AI points to a different trajectory. Just as Indian companies such as Wipro and Infosys once supplied information technology expertise to the USA, so it could be that innovators in LMICs will in future supply US hospitals with mature algorithms developed in their regions. Perhaps one day US health care might implement AI for chest x-rays just to catch up with Africa”


Jha Lancet 2023.pdf (316.3 KB)