Voice for Diagnosis - please share!

Dear All,

In November last year, FIND launched Voices for Diagnosis, an annual community prize, and the last day to apply is 31 March, 2019.

Some background:

  • Raising the profile of diagnostics in order to enhance access and spur behaviour change to support their uptake is pivotal to transforming patient experiences when faced with some of the world’s most deadly infectious diseases. Patient groups and health and rights advocacy organizations have a key role to play in promoting access to diagnostics.

  • Voices for Diagnosis is a prize to recognize individuals and organizations that implement innovative approaches to improve access to, and create demand for, timely, cost-effective diagnostic solutions for infectious diseases in LMICs. The prize is adjudicated and supported by the Diagnostics Ambassadors.

  • In this first year, the theme is AMR.

  • Three awards of US$10,000 each will be presented for initiatives that have taken innovative approaches to decrease the inappropriate prescription of antibiotics through better diagnostic solutions, to advance the work being done.

  • More here: https://www.finddx.org/news/find-establishes-voices-for-diagnosis-annual-prize-to-recognize-and-enable-innovative-approaches-that-improve-diagnostic-access-in-low-and-middle-income-countries/

Get in touch with Karishma.Saran@finddx.org for more information.


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