6th McGill Summer Institute in Infectious Diseases and Global Health

The 2020 edition of the Summer Institute features eight diverse courses. Our engaging course structure offers an avenue for attendees to convene, debate solutions, and gain an improved understanding of cutting-edge research methods. Most courses are three days to allow participants to take multiple offerings in combination, and have more opportunities to learn from our expert faculty.

When: June 1-12, 2020

Where: McGill University, Montreal, Canada

2020 course topics include three TB courses offered by faculty from the McGill International TB Centre with focuses on quality, diagnostics, and research methods. Also returning are courses on antimicrobial resistance and an introduction to qualitative research methods. Clinicians and researchers alike may be interested in the tropical medicine clinical update taught by the JD MacLean’s Centre for Tropical Diseases or the new course on ending HIV taught by McGill AIDS Centre faculty. To round out the 2020 offerings, we welcome back the course on humanitarian work in the 21st century and the biggest current challenges.

For the complete 2020 course schedule and all dates, consult the website: http://mcgill-idgh.ca/

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Feel like I have withdrawal symptoms given I could not attend as faculty this year. Looking forward to being a part of the course in 2020.