Input Requested: TPP Development for Comprehensive Newborn Care Technologies in Low-Resource Settings

Dear Global Health Diagnostics Community,

I am writing to kindly request contact information for people interested in providing input on target product profiles (TPP) being developed for Comprehensive Newborn Care Technologies in Low-Resource Settings. Given the passion and expertise of this GHDx Community, we specifically seek neonatal diagnostic experts who could provide input on TPPs for serum bilirubin, hemoglobin, pH, and glucose. We also have a draft Use Case survey for a neonatal sepsis test but have been able to connect with a number of sepsis diagnostic groups already.

If you are interested in filling out a TPP survey, or have a recommendation for someone who should, please email Kara Palamountain at and we will send you the survey link and instructions.


This seems like a great initiative, Kara.

I hope our community members with expertise in newborn health will provide input and help develop the TPPs.

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